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Resilience Checklists

The Risk and Vulnerability Checklist is designed to help communities prepare to go through the Getting to Resilience Questionnaire. The 4-Step Checklist:

·         Helps communities understand who should be involved in the resilience process;

·         Focuses an early discussion on a communities resilience strengths and challenges;

·         Cues municipal leaders to consider their local assets; and

·         Suggests current and future coastal hazard maps to illustrate the community’s risk exposure.


Click here or on the image above to print your copy of the Risk and Vulnerability Checklist.

The Community Plan Checklist is designed to help communities gather planning documents, ordinances, and strategies that will be reviewed in the Getting to Resilience questionnaire.

The Community Plan Checklist includes a list of municipal and county documents that may assist in the completion of the questionnaire. The participants of the Getting to Resilience process should be well-acquainted and have access to the target community’s plans, ordinances, and codes. While the majority of the questionnaire can be completed by having access to these documents, there should be a representative within the focus group that has thorough knowledge of the respective documents, e.g. the land use planner should have thorough knowledge of the land use plan, ordinances, and codes; and the emergency manager should be aware of the emergency operations plan and evacuation plan. Because communities vary in size and capacity, the target community may not have all of the listed documents.


Click here or on the image above to print your copy of the Community Plan Checklist.

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